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Getting Certified in Arkansas Article
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   We currently completed the 6th annual ASPS sponsored CST exam at the spring conference. We only had one examinee to attend the testing session, and he passed with flying colors. Congratulations to Tyler Toliver of Cagle & Associates, who passed his Level I certification. Tyler’s addition will increase the number of CST’s in Arkansas to sixteen. Arkansas currently has the following certifications active: 5 Level I; 6 Level II Field; 1 Level II Office; 2 Level III Boundary; 1 Level III Computer Operator and 1 Level III Construction.
   It is hard to believe that we have been having CST exams for the past six years and even harder to imagine that I have been the state coordinator for the past 5-1/2 years. When I started, there were seven CST’s in Arkansas (4 Level I, 2 Level II and 1 Level III). Since I began working with the program, we have lost three of those CST’s (one of which obtained his Professional Surveyor’s license) and we have added 12 additional CST’s over these past few years. Of the four original CST’s who still hold their certification; one has increased his certification from Level I to Level II and another has switched tracks from Level II Field to Level II Office and has obtained his Survey Intern certification. The attendance at the ASPS sponsored exam has decreased in the last couple of years, which is due, in part, to some of the larger surveying firms establishing their own CST programs. The commitment of those companies to the program has been a great benefit that has increased the number of CST’s in the state.
   As I have been the coordinator for the past five years, I am beginning to run out of ideas as to how to promote the program. I believe that the CST Program is far too important to let it stagnate with me. I feel that it is time to turn over the reins of the program to someone with a fresh, enthusiastic outlook. While I was looking for someone to take my place, a gentleman called requesting information on starting a CST Program at the company he worked for. As I talked with him more and more, it dawned on me that I had found someone to replace me. He is well qualified for the job (probably more so than I ever was) and if he is going to start a program in his office, he would have an active stake in the CST Program. The gentleman’s name is Brian Turner. He holds an Associates Degree in Surveying from Vincennes University, he is a licensed surveyor in Kentucky who is currently working toward his Arkansas license (he has only recently moved to Arkansas) and he has been through the program, holding a Level III Boundary certification. It is my best belief that Brian will do an excellent job as the CST Coordinator.
   If anyone has a question or would like more information on the CST Program, they can still email questions to While I am stepping down as the coordinator, Brian and I will still be working close together during this transition.
   In closing, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me; from the proctors that have given up part of their conference time to oversee the exams, the past and present ASPS Board of Directors who have allowed time and space at each spring conference for the statewide exams, the current and past NSPS Governors and all of the business owners and managers that believed enough in the CST Program to either use it or insist that it be used in their companies. I hope that everyone will continue to support Brian as they have supported me in the past. Thank you all.
Kevin Gregory
Past Arkansas CST Coordinator
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